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295/S Restoration

These pictures come from Ron Sonnek from MN. It is limited edition 1974 John Deere 295/S, JD's first sled specifically designed for cross country racing.

He and his dad have had it for a very long time, and sometimes considered selling it. They never did. After getting a new track and finally finding a set of JD aluminum skis, he's ready to take the next step with it. Here are a few things that make this breed of Deere unlike any other of it's time.
Take a look at it on the outside, it looks like a '73 300: green with the old style hood and chassis. Except for the low cut windshield, and the small rear handles, you wouldn't know the difference. Then you look closer.
Underneath the sled is the slide suspention and cleated track that was used on the JDX series. Open the hood and the panels, and there you see the big changes. First of all, no gas tank in the front, it was moved to the middle behind the engine, where the glove box normally is.  A front fuel tank was an option.

Also, notice the twin Mikuni carbs on a Koritz 295cc which was somthing completely new for JD. A Deere designed Comet "creeper" clutch is on there, and also a factory performance pipe/chamber
This is just an intro to this sled. Click "Next Page" below to see the restoration in progress. This is a very rare find, and Ron is very lucky to have it. We would like to thank Ron for sending us these pictures, and wish him luck on the restoration.

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