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Sources for new parts for your John Deere Snowmobile

The following chart is a collection of new parts sources.  The companies listed are not necessarily associated with JDsleds.com.  The name in bold is the source.  Any John Deere parts listed can be purchased or ordered at your local dealer.  Many more parts are available from aftermarket suppliers such as Manufacturer's Supply, Dennis Kirk, Pat's Small Engine, Parts Reloaded, ETC.  These companies are in no way associated with JDsleds.com.

Vendors: If interested in being listed here please contact sales@jdsleds.com.  You can also post in the Community classifieds or Reproduction parts section of the Community for free.

Ski & Suspension

Ski Pivot Bushing
John Deere Part #M48105 Ski pivot bushing for '72 - '78 models

Tie Rod End
John Deere
AM52354 Tie Rod End RH Thread fits 73 and up 00/JDX series, 295/s, Spitfires, Sprintfires, and Snowfires.

Steering Shaft Bushing
John Deere N132422 plastic bushings used on the end of the steering shaft.  00s, JDXs, Cyclone/Liquifire/Liquidator, 295/S, 340/S, Spitfire

Ski Spring Insulators
New Breed Parts M63052

Suspension Slip Bearings
New Breed Parts M64482


Many engine parts such as gaskets, seals, pistons, rings, etc are available from aftermarket suppliers.

Liquidator Pistons
Available in std., +.20, and +. 40. at $198 per set. Set includes pistons, rings, pins, and wrist pin bearings.

Liquifire Lower Coolant Hose
New Breed Parts M67976

Rubber Air Tube Seal
New Breed Parts M66338

Liquidator Radiator Mount Hoop
New Breed Parts AM54105

Liquidator Air Box kit & Accessories
New Breed Parts Liquidator

340/S Engine Bay Parts
New Breed Parts 340/S

Fuel System

Fuel Pickup
John Deere AM54051-fuel pickup, includes screen, Cyc/Liq,Liquidator, Spitfire, Trailfire, Sportfire, Snowfire/Sprintfire, Liquifire: Available at New Breed Parts

Fuel Pickup
John Deere AM52039-fuel pickup, includes screen, 100 series, JDX'x, 295/S. Available at New Breed Parts

Fuel Line
John Deere M63270-fuel line. Replaced today by part #PMK2812-0406 which comes in 100' rolls and is the basic clear fuel line.

Power-jet O-ring
Polaris #3130015 replaces John Deere part # M68295, O-ring for Mikuni Power-Jet carbs.  (You may find this o-ring cheaper at a local auto parts store) Available at New Breed Parts

Carb Body Gasket
Polaris #5130020 Carb body gasket for Fire series Mikuni carbs: Available at New Breed Parts

Needle/Seat Gasket
#3130047 Needle/Seat Gasket for Fire series Mikuni carbs: Available at New Breed Parts

Arctic Cat
#6505-171 Needle/Seat for Fire series Mikuni carb - better quality then the after-market versions. Available at New Breed Parts

Fuel Tank Bushing
John Deere M66005 subs to M149638 rubber fuel tank bushing for many models. Available at New Breed Parts


Brake Band
John Deere
AM52626-brake band, 100 series, JDX's, 295/S. Replaced today by part #TCA15878.

Chain Tensioner
John Deere M63122 Chain tensioner for 00/JDX series, 295s, and 340s

Chain Case Seal
#5410277 Chain case lip seal for Fire series.


Round Headlight
Napa/Wagner H5006

Head Light Lamp Retainer, Available at New Breed Parts
Arctic Cat 0115-285

John Deere AM52305 taillight assy, Cyclone/Liqufire,Liquidator, 100 series, JDX
John Deere M63816-lens only for taillight. Available at New Breed Parts

Fiberglass Liquidator Hood (Light version)
Joe Rainville - joerainville@hotmail.com

Fiberglass 340/S Hood & Pan
Lee Fredrickson

Fiberglass 340/S Tool Box
Joe Rainville - joerainville@hotmail.com

Liquifire/Trailfire/Sportfire fiberglass Hoods & TPR Panels
Chattanooga Fiberglass

Fire Series Hood Edge Molding (Best Price)
Danno Enterprises

Windshields (Many Models)
Cannon Classic Sleds

Hood Foam
Smart Recreational Products/Parts 1-800-871-8966
Egg Crate Style one inch thick part# AV7200 Available at New Breed Parts
Metal Foil Style one inch thick part # AV72941

Hood Vent
5430958-070 replaces Deere #M68582 Hood Vent near dash

Plastic Grab Handle: Available at New Breed Parts

1982+ Headlight Grille
New Breed Parts M69178 for rectangle headlight

295/S Snow Flap
New Breed Parts M65186

Seat Covering
John's Upholstery (JDsleds.com supporter)

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