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300 - 800

JDX series

295/S, 340/S



Liquifire (1976 - 1978)






Liquifire (1980 - 1984)

Quick Facts:
The John Deere Snowmobile line was produced by John Deere Horicon Works of Horicon, Wisconsin.  At that time, production would shift between the snowmobiles and lawn & garden equipment, based on the season.  Deere lawn & garden products are still produced there.

Here is an interesting article about how the second generation of snowmobiles came to be.

 "A Snowmobile is Born"

The popular slogan "Nothing Runs Like a Deere", was first used to promote the snowmobile line in 1972.

From 1978, to 1980, JD used the slogan "Big John - Little John." 

In 1980, they made another new slogan with the new series: "Ride the new breed of Deere"

Comet first started making snowmobile clutches for John Deere. The 94C Duster clutch and the 102C clutch were developed exclusively for JD.

The Snowfire was the last production snowmobile on the market to have a free-air engine, and the last snowmobile in production for John Deere.

In 1980, John Deere was the official supplier of snowmobiles for the Winter Olympic games in Lake Placid, New York.